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Divrsity Dictionary: Intersectionality

Perhaps you've heard the term being thrown around; you might have an inkling as to what it means, or you might be learning something new today! So, what does Intersectionality mean in the context of DE&I and why is it important?

Introducing FREE Surveys for Charity / Non-Profits

We have seen organisations use Divrsity to make meaningful, measurable changes to ED&I. Now we're excited to be able to offer FREE surveys to Registered Charities and Non-profits.

Start with Why

Find out about why we built Divrsity, the problems we're trying to solve, and why we should all care.

child with bug eye lenses

What are Lenses, and how do they help create actionable insights?

Lenses are one of the most important concepts in Divrsity. Creating lenses that make sense to your organisation generates insights that lead to meaningful improvements in Diversity & Inclusion.

Ensuring Employee Anonymity

Divrsity has been designed and built to obsessively protect employee anonymity. Learn more about how we do this.

Startup Tales: Building a SaaS Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) tool on AWS

A technical blog, focusing on the choice of AWS as our tech provider. The benefits and lessons learned