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  • Start with 60 personalised EDI questions
  • Automated results analysis instantly identifies opportunities to improve Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Bias & Belonging. See Sample Report
  • Affordable: Just £499 for 250 participants
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Trusted by companies from 20 to 20,000 employees
  • Transpennine Express ran their Diversity and Inclusion Survey on Divrsity
  • Kilburn & Strode ran their Diversity and Inclusion Survey on Divrsity
  • Race Equality Matters recommend us to their clients
  • Professional Game Match Officials ran their Diversity and Inclusion Survey on Divrsity
    Professional Game
    Match Officials
  • CACI ran their Diversity and Inclusion Survey on the Divrsity platform
  • abrdn work with Divrsity
  • Camden Carers ran their Diversity and Inclusion Survey on Divrsity
  • Gravitas Recruitment Group ran their Diversity and Inclusion Survey on Divrsity
  • G2 Recruitment Group ran their Diversity and Inclusion Survey on Divrsity
  • Starling Business Solutions use Divrsity to run Surveys for their clients
  • Great British Railways Transition Team ran their Diversity and Inclusion Survey on Divrsity
  • Ultraleap ran their Diversity and Inclusion Survey on Divrsity
  • Bristol Old Vic Theatre School ran their Diversity and Inclusion Survey on Divrsity
  • AE Live ran their Diversity and Inclusion Survey on Divrsity
  • Connect Three partner with Divrsity to run Divrsity and Inclusion Surveys for their clients
  • St Michaels Fellowship ran their Divrsity and Inclusion Survey on the Divrsity platform
    St Michael's
  • Visa Medicals ran their Divrsity and Inclusion Survey on the Divrsity platform

Why run your DEI Survey on the Divrsity platform?

Get Started Instantly

Start with 60 constantly evolving EDI questions 
Easy-to-use Interactive Survey Builder
Customise EVERYTHING to your organisation.
Launch a customised survey in 5 minutes

Collect High Quality Data

70-90% response rates
Participating takes less than 5 minutes
Track participation in real-time
AI removes "poisonous" surveys

Gain Insights using AI

Save days of effort and avoid bias: our AI analyses survey responses and automatically flags areas to celebrate and/or opportunities for improvement. See Screenshot or read our article about The Divrsity AI

Make Beautiful Presentations

Results appear in your dashboard within 5-minutes of the survey completing. Interactive Charts (see screenshots ) and Excel export make presenting results as easy as

Secure & GDPR Compliant

Our platform is highly secure (our team ran security at Trainline and Chase Bank ),
We are Obsessed with AnonymityTM. As a data-controller, we shield you from all GDPR concerns


No subscriptions or hidden charges. We charge on a per survey basis and surveys cost just £499 for up to 200 employees. See Full pricing

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Watch Our Video to Learn More

Watch Our Video to Learn More

We also have some really cool blog articles including how we use AI, how we're obsessed with anonymity, and unique insights from our own data around Neurodiversity,   Menopause,   Caring Responsibilities, and the decline of Religious belief.

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

Our pricing structure is deliberately simple: a flat fee per survey, based on the number of participants

All prices are in GBP and exclude VAT

Small / Medium

(Up to 250 survey participants)

Was £750 per survey
£499 per survey

  • >60 template Questions & Lenses
  • Add unlimited Questions & Lenses
  • AI-driven insights
  • Secure & anonymous
  • Pay by invoice or credit/debit card ONLY when you launch a survey
  • Comprehensive E-mail support

(Up to 2000 survey participants)

Was £1500 per survey
£999 per survey

Everything in SME, plus

  • One hour of FREE consultancy for results analysis / insight


(Up to 20,000 participants)

Was £2500 per survey
£1500 per survey

For 20,000+ survey participants,
please contact us

Click here to instantly create your personalised survey...

Run your own Diversity and Inclusion Survey in 3 easy steps


Customise your Survey

  • Start with 60 template questions about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Bias and Belonging.
  • Questions constantly evolve based on feedback and our experience running thousands of surveys: so you can be confident that none will cause offense or disenfranchise any demographic.
  • Add, Customise and Remove questions with our easy-to-use Interactive Survey Builder (screenshot)
  • Invite your colleagues and ERG leaders to collaborate on the questions. See our blog article on Comms Best Practices.

Run the Survey

  • Surveys take <5 minutes to complete
  • Expect participation rates >70%.
  • Track survey completion rates in real-time, see e-mail bounces and check the number of (configurable) reminder e-mails sent.
  • Our AI detects and hides poison surveys: where participants deliberately attempt to skew responses
  • We are obsessed with security and anonymity, meaning high participation rates and ensuring that you are shielded from all GDPR concerns.

Analyse the Results

  • Interactive Charts (screenshot) automatically highlight the things that you are doing well, as well as opportunities to improve.
  • AI analysis responses and creates actionable insights (screenshot)
  • Results are available <5 minutes after the survey completes.
  • View Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Bias and Belonging through multiple Lenses
  • Use your insights to create action plans that make meaningful and measurable improvements.

Click here to instantly create your personalised survey...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Divrsity secure?


Our team of world-class security experts have built platforms for banks, Law Firms, and some of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world.

All data is stored and transferred using military-grade encryption and we delete all personally identifiable information (PII) as soon as that data is no longer needed.

For example, we immediately blank-out e-mail addresses for completed surveys, and all non-summarised survey data is purged within 10 days of survey completion.

Does Divrsity protect the anonymity of survey participants?


At Divrsity we are Obsessed with Anonymity. Unlike more generic survey tools, we don't drop cookies, we don't track IP addresses, and we don't try to get participants to sign up to run their own surveys at the end !

Survey results only show aggregated data, and it is impossible for survey administrators (or Divrsity employees) to gain access to individual survey responses.

This means that participants can answer truthfully, knowing that their information will remain completely anonymous.

What about GDPR?

Under GDPR, Divrsity is a data-controller. This means that we collect personal data on your behalf, exercise overall control of the personal data, and take responsibility for the processing of that data.

To minimise the likelihood of data being compromised, we purge all data from our systems as soon as it is no longer actively required for us to provide our services (see the question on security).

This means that working with Divrsity shields you from any and all GDPR issues associated with running your D&I survey; you do not receive ANY Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and there is zero information that can be revealed via a Subject Access Request (SAR)

How are your response rates so high?

Response rates are usually in the 70-80% range; with the most successful survey garnering a whopping 94% across more than 300 employees.

Response rates will depend on your workplace culture; the Communication Strategy that you wrap around the survey; and the number and complexity of the questions that you ask.

Having run many thousands of surveys, Divrsity's template questions have constantly evolved; ensuring they are comprehensive, and easy to understand, and won't cause offence to any participant.

It's much easier to ensure high response rates when it takes the average survey participant less than 5 minutes to complete their survey.

Does Divrsity help with my FCA/PRA Diversity and Inclusion reporting?


In September'23, the Financial Services financial regulators set out proposals to "boost diversity and inclusion to support healthy work cultures, reduce groupthink and unlock talent".

This will involve organisations running a Diversity and Inclusion Survey containing certain pre-defined characteristics, then reporting and disclosing that data.

As of the start of November'23, Divrsity supports all the requirements from the FCA/PRA Consultation!

See our blog article for more information.

Is this UK only (we have international offices)?

Divrsity has been designed to be flexible, collaborative, and to allow questions to be localised for multiple countries.

The platform enables you to set up multiple subsidiary organisations; and to invite international colleagues to collaborate on a set of questions that are customised for their languages or customs.

e.g. We regularly see organisations create US and Australian subsidiaries so they can customise Ethnicity, Education and Social Mobility questions

Do you also provide DE&I Consultancy?


Divrsity is a tech company and we're unfortunately not set up to provide consultancy.

However, we have multiple Partners who can definitely help. Our partners are experienced users of the Divrsity platform and have experience across a wide-variety of industry verticals and company sizes. Please contact us if you'd like some help selecting the partner that is right for you.

We are a D&I consultancy. Can we use Divrsity with our clients?


Divrsity includes super-cool white-label capabilities that enable the entire experience to be customised to your branding.

You can use the platform to set up each of your clients, then invite members of their teams (e.g. their ERG leads or HR Director) to collaborate on the questions, and view the results.

See our Current Partners or contact us to schedule a chat.

We are an In-house / Agency recruitment team. Can we use Divrsity to survey our applicants?


We know that the recruitment process is one of the most critical steps in improving organisational diversity, so the Divrsity platform can easily be configured to allow you to survey job applicants, right at the top of the funnel.

You can slice-and-dice the data on a per role/project basis and if you're an agency, even invite your clients to view the results directly in the tool

Learn more by reading this blog article about Job Applicant Diversity Surveys for Agency and In-House Recruitment Teams.

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