FREE Surveys for Registered Charities & Non-profits

We built Divrsity to help employers make meaningful, measurable improvements to workplace Diversity & Inclusion.

Customers tell us that:

  • Getting started is super-easy with our pre-built library of independently validated D&I questions
  • They love the fact that everything can be easily customised using our SaaS tools
  • And having our platform obsessively protect participant anonymity means one less thing to worry about

We want Divrsity to be the best D&I survey tool, and make a real difference to the lives of our participants. So, we're excited to be able to provide FREE Diversity & Inclusion surveys to Charities and Non-Profits.

When you're ready to launch, send an e-mail to and we'll kick it off for you.

The small print...

There really isn't any!

We're not making this complicated...

Life is difficult enough for non-profits...

Please, spend your efforts raising money, and let us help you create an amazingly diverse and inclusive environment for your colleagues. Don't spend time on tedious documentation trying to convince us that you really are not-for-profit. We're going to work on the principle that people are honest and just believe you!

We're looking forward to working with you...

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