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The Impact of Caring Responsibilities on Inclusion & Belonging

April 2024

Across thousands of surveys, we consistently see that Caring Responsibilities are highly correlated with workplace Inclusion and Belonging.

Here's why we believe that Caring Responsibilites should explicitly be the 10th Protected Characteristic...

Job Applicant Diversity Surveys for Agency and In-House Recruitment Teams

March 2024

The recruitment process is arguably the most important opportunity to improve workplace Diversity but, until now, our platform has focused exclusively on surveying the existing workforce; providing deep insights into Inclusion, Equity, Bias and Belonging.

But we've listened to our customers and have extended our platform to provide data-driven insights into the candidate pool for different roles...

Learn More...

How AI helps us to deliver deeper D&I insights

Feb 2024

for many years, we've been using Big Data and Machine Learning to provide survey administrators with actionable insights into Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Bias and Belonging.

We're now leveraging Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT-like) to process information and generate deepers insights...

Surveying offline colleagues

Feb 2024

Many organisations have large numbers of employees who don't regularly use e-mail, or even have regular access to a computer.

Our new Collective Survey capability ensures that these employee voices can be included...

Solving FCA/PRA Diversity & Inclusion Data Collection, Reporting, and Disclosure Requirements

October 2023

The FCA/PRA are intending to introduce regulation that proposes mandatory Diversity & Inclusion reporting for regulated financial services organisations with more than 250 employees

Learn how Divrsity are providing a low cost way (less than £1,500 for organisations up to 20,000 employees) for regulated companies to fulfil all their data collection, reporting and disclosure requirements

Using Data to secure funding for your Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

October 2023

Inspired by a trip to a conference, a short poem about how data can help secure funding for DE&I initiatives

Divrsity Dictionary: Caucasian

Sept 2023

'Caucasian' is often used to mean white european, but it's not only grossly inaccurate, it's also potentially offensive!

Championing DEI in Football

Aug 2023

Last weekend our CEO (Rochana) attended the annual Black, Asian and Mixed Heritage Referees (BAMREF) Conference; this year held at the home of English football: Wembley Stadium.

Learn why we're excited to be working with BAMREF and why we're excited about the future of DEI amongst football referees...

Divrsity Dictionary: Transgender

Jul 2023

A study conducted by Stonewall found that 51% of transgender people surveyed had hidden their identity at work for fear of discrimination, and that 12% had been physically attacked at work due to their gender identity!!!

Learn what "trans" means, and some simple steps we can all take to support the transgender community

Diversity & Inclusion Survey Communications Blueprint

Apr 2023

Running a DEI survey with Divrsity is super-simple: our expert-approved questions and lenses mean that it's easy to gain insight without causing offense.

However, the communication strategy can be the difference between 60% response rate and 92% response rate (the highest we have seen.

Divrsity Dictionary: Ableism

Apr 2023

“The Blind leading the blind”
“Falling on deaf ears”
“They are so OCD about cleaning”
“You're acting crazy”

Unfortunately, often without even realising it, many people use phrases every day that are ableist. This isn't something that's necessarily an individual's fault - we may have experienced previous generations use this kind of language and therefore have grown up thinking it's appropriate and acceptable.

Divrsity Dictionary: Intersectionality

Mar 2023

Perhaps you've heard the term being thrown around; you might have an inkling as to what it means, or you might be learning something new today! So, what does Intersectionality mean in the context of DE&I and why is it important?

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What are Lenses, and how do they help create actionable insights?

Updated Aug 2023

Lenses are one of the most important concepts in Divrsity. Creating lenses that make sense to your organisation generates insights that lead to meaningful improvements in Diversity & Inclusion.

Introducing FREE Diversity & Inclusion Surveys for Charity / Non-Profits

Dec 2022

We have seen organisations use Divrsity to make meaningful, measurable changes to ED&I. Now we're excited to be able to offer FREE surveys to Registered Charities and Non-profits.

Ensuring Employee Anonymity

Updated Sept 2022

Divrsity has been designed and built to obsessively protect employee anonymity. Learn more about how we do this.

Start with Why

Mar 2022

Find out about why we built Divrsity, the problems we're trying to solve, and why we should all care.

Startup Tales: Building a SaaS Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) tool on AWS

Mar 2022

A technical blog, focusing on the choice of AWS as our tech provider. The benefits and lessons learned