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Actionable D&I Insights in 3 easy steps:


Customise your Survey

Start with >50 questions that address Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Bias.

All questions have been vetted by D&I experts: ensuring accuracy and avoiding offensive categorisations. D&I is a dynamic space, so our Questions are constantly evolving. Built-in versioning ensures you can always update to the latest set.

Every question can be completely customised, removed, or add your own using our easy-to-use survey builder.


Launch the Survey

Press the "launch" button and pay the survey fee (see the Pricing section below).

Track survey completion rates in real-time, see e-mail bounces and check the number of (configurable) reminder e-mails sent.

Learn more about how Divrsity protects participant anonymity.


Analyse the Results

Interactive Charts automatically highlight opportunities to improve Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Bias, and Belonging.

View Diversity and Inclusion through multiple Lenses; or export to Excel for further analysis.

Use these insights to create action plans that make meaningful and measurable improvements to Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Bias.


Actionable Data

By configuring the Lenses that make sense to your organisation, it's easy to spot where action might need to be taken on Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Bias. issues.

For example, learning that 20% of your Manchester team is not comfortable at events involving alcohol, might change the team building event you were planning.

Completely Customisable

Start with our comprehensive list of >50 template questions, then customise Lenses, Diversity Questions, Invitation & Reminder e-mails, Survey Duration, and even choose your corporate colours. You can also run different surveys to different employee groups in different languages.

Set Targets, Track Progress

Track progress on your diversity initiatives by comparing results with previous surveys. Provide factual diversity and inclusion data to stakeholders; including the board and investors.

100% Anonymous

Divrsity obsessively protects participant anonymity. This means your employees can answer honestly, maximising data quality.

GDPR Compliant

Divrsity deletes all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as soon as possible, and at most 10 days after the survey completes. This means that Divrsity data is outside the scope of any Subject Access Request (SAR).

Survey administrators NEVER have access to PII, except in aggregated form.

Increase Employee Engagement

Increasing Inclusion, Diversity Equity is great for business, for creativity, and is everybody's job. Understanding corporate ID&E and taking active steps to improve both diversity and inclusion leads to a better workplace for everybody.


Small / Medium
per survey
per survey

  • Up to 250 survey participants
  • >50 template Questions & Lenses
  • Add unlimited Questions & Lenses
  • Secure & anonymous
  • Pay by credit/debit card only when you launch your survey
  • Comprehensive E-mail support
per survey
per survey

  • All the features of Small / Medium, plus:
  • Up to 2000 survey participants
  • Pay by invoice; or by credit/debit card when you launch your survey

For >2000 survey participants, please contact us
Charity / Non-Profit
contact us

  • Unlimited survey recipients
  • Plus all the features of SME
  • Learn more...

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the data actionable?

Setting up Lenses that make sense in your organisation is the key to creating actionable data. For example, configuring lenses that include:

  • Office Location
  • Number of Interviews conducted
  • Number of people Line Managed
  • and Job Role
would enable you to determine that a particular office is doing a great job on diversity, so share best-practice; that your interview panels are not representative of your ideal employee base; that your senior managers all have a particular educational background; or that your Product Management team are not representative of your target market.

Learn more about how Lenses help generate actionable insights.

How do you guarantee anonymity?

Diversity data is only available in aggregated form.

At a technical level, we avoid doing anything that could compromise a participant's anonymity: we never use cookies for survey participants, nor do we track IP addresses, etc.

Learn more about how Divrsity obsessively protects employee anonmyity.

What happens to the raw survey data?

To protect privacy and anonymity, survey data can only be viewed in aggregate form. Raw responses are completely deleted 7 days after the survey completes, and e-mail addresses are deleted as soon as that user completes their survey (or when the survey expires). This means that data cannot be tracked back to a specific individual.

How much does it cost?

See the pricing section above. If your company has more than 2,000 employees then please get in-touch with support@divrsity.team to discuss pricing and invoicing options.

Is it secure?

Divrsity works with world-class security experts to ensure the platform is 100% secure. We never use cookies on surveys and we never store IP addresses. We delete all personally identifiable information (PII) as soon as that data is no longer needed. For example, we immediately blank-out e-mail addresses for completed surveys, and all non-summarised survey data is deleted within 10 days of survey completion.

What the difference between ID&E, D&I, ED&I?


Many organisations have a deep and admirable commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity. What nobody seems to be able to agree is what to call it. Amazon calls it ID&E, Google calls it D&I and, in the UK, we've been talking about ED&I for many years. So pick your favourite and go with that. We quite like ID&E because it puts inclusion first, but actions speak louder than words ever will.